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Membership Plans

Click on the plan name for complete details. Some plans have restrictions and elegibility requirements. * See note 5

See notes 1,2,4
See notes 1,2,4
See notes 1,2,4
See notes 1,2,4
Attend Skinnydipper Events cross check check check
Seasons Swim Passes cross cross check check
Discount on Cruises cross cross check check
Receive Nudesletter check check check check
AANR Membership available check check check check
Single                       Online

In person




Not Available




Family                      Online
In person





Not Available




AANR Membership               



Membership card replacement fee: {mbrshp_card_replacement} per card


  1. AANR membership is optional. For more information visit the AANR website.
  2. Memberships with AANR include $13.00 per person dues for AANR-WC.
  3. One night memberships are available only to persons whose home address is outside of the Skinnydipper Home Area. See our membership information page: Membership Info
  4. Memberships purchased online are less expensive than when purchased in person.
  5. Dues and Fees are subject to change without notice.