Membership Plans

Click on the plan name for complete details. Some plans have restrictions and elegibility requirements. * See note 5

Bronze Membership
See notes 4, 5
Gold Membership
See note 5
Attend Skinnydipper Events check   check  
Receive Nudesletter check   check  
AANR Membership available
See notes 1, 2
check   check  
In person at our events $5.00   $25.00  
AANR Membership               
See note 3



Membership card replacement fee: $5.00 per card


  1. AANR membership is optional. For more information visit the AANR website.
  2. Memberships with AANR include $13.00 per person dues for AANR-WC.
  3. AANR Family memberships through Skinnydipper are by special arrangement.
  4. Bronze members will be required to pay a drop-in fee (surcharge) in addtion to regular swim admission fees. The drop-in fee is $5.00 per swim as of 2018.
  5. Dues and Fees are subject to change without notice. Fees quoted on this page are the single rates. Fees for couples are equivalent to fees for two singles at the same level (Bronze, Gold).