Membership in the Skinnydipper Recreation Club (SRC), at the Bronze or Gold level, is mandatory for attendance at any of our events. By requiring membership we are better able to guarantee a peaceful and relaxing experience for you at our events.

Note: Membership in the Skinnydipper Recreation Club is governed by our rules and is decided by our membership director and at the discretion of our Board of Directors.

It is our pleasure to be able to offer, with your Skinnydipper Recreation Club membership, the opportunity to join the American Association for Nude Recreation(AANR). We offer basic singles, couples and student memberships. AANR memberhsip dues are shown on our membership application form as well as on our Compare Membership Plans page.

Becoming a Member is Easy

At an event:
You can join the Skinnydipper Recreation Club at any of our drop-in swim events. You can fill in our application form available at our event admission desk. Please try to arrive early to fill in your application form. Once you have completed the form, bring it to our membership desk for review. If your membership application is accepted, you will be required to show one piece of government issued photo-id and pay the current membership dues. You will then be permitted to attend that evening's event. The Club will prepare a membership card which will be made available to you at the next Skinnydipper event you attend. Note that you must fill in the membership application form completely. Incomplete information will result in your application being rejected.

Membership Elegibility

Full membership is open to all persons, of good character, 18 years or older. Anyone under 18 years of age may be granted child membership as a dependent member of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

Membership Levels

We currently have two classes of membership, Bronze and Gold, with different benefits and based on different criteria. The Bronze membership will be offered until March 2020 after which, it will be discontinued. Starting in April 2020, we will have only one membership which will be an extension of our current Gold membership.


This is our lowest membership and is intended for people who plan to attend our swim nights only infrequently or who wish to sign up for AANR membership through our club. Bronze members will be able to purchase swim admission at the pool or online but will also be required to pay an admission surcharge of $5.00 for each visit.


Our basic full membership package for people within our home region. Gold members may attend any of our events, get a discount on cruise tickets and can save money on swim admissions by purchasing Gold Season Swim Passes.


Membership Term

Our membership term was 12 months beginning with your acceptance by the club and ending on the same day in the next year. As we are now in our final year of opperation, all memberships will expire at the end of December 2020.

AANR Membership

As the Skinnydipper Recreation Club is a Charter Club member of the American Association for Nude Recreation, we are able to offer membership in that organisation as an option to our members. You can sign up for AANR membership when you join Skinnydipper Recreation Club or at any time during you SRC membership year. As a bonus, if you decide to join AANR at any time during the first 6 months of your SRC membership year, we will extend it to match your AANR membership year at no extra cost.

Membership in AANR is optional and the cost of the AANR membership dues is added to your SRC membership dues, if you choose this option. If you are already a direct member of AANR, it may interest you to know that joining AANR through the Skinnydipper Recreation Club can actually save you money! Check our Dues and Fees page to compare our prices against what you are paying now!
Note: In addition to our affiation with the American Association for Nude Recreation, we are also affiliated with the local region of that organisation, called the American Association for Nude Recreation - Western Canada. When you join AANR as part of your SRC membership, you also join AANR-WC as part of your SRC and the dues are included in your AANR as part of your SRC dues.


The Rules

Like all clubs and social organisations, we have rules that our members are expected to follow. Aside from keeping your membership up to date and providing us with complete and accurate information on your application, we have rules of behaviour to be followed at our events. Basically, we are a family friendly organisation and we expect behaviour that would be appropriate in a family atmosphere. We have made our rules available at each of our events. Please familiarise yourself with our rules because they are for everybody's benefit. Click the link below to read the rules:

Rules of Behaviour