Events sponsored by the Skinnydipper Recreation Club (SRC) are private events and admission is open only to members of the club. As a member of the Club and, by purchasing admission, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. Your invitation to attend a SRC swim or other event is contingent upon your being a nudist or your interest in social nudism and upon your application for, and acceptance in, membership in the Skinnydipper Recreation Club. You agree that you are not offended by simple social nudity and that if, once having entered the pool or event area, you find you are offended or feel uncomfortable you will leave immediately. If you choose to leave under this condition within 15 minutes of the start of the event, SRC will refund your admission fee. If you choose to leave after 15 minutes attendance, no refund will be given.

  2. All private SRC events are NUDE, not clothing optional, no clothing is permitted beyond the changing areas. This rule applies to ALL guests regardless of age with the following exceptions

    1. Lifeguard staff hired by a pool facility. Facility staff are required to conform to the conditions of their employment. It is important to remember that they are not participants in our events and that it is not acceptable to make suggestions that they undress or to harrass them for being clothed while working.

    2. Children not fully trained MUST wear approved pool pants or swimming diapers. It the event of any pool fouling, you will be held fully responsible by both the pool facility and SRC for any costs involved in cleaning the pool or extending the rental time to cover lost pool time.

    3. Events which are specifically declared to be clothing optional in advance by SRC.
  3. All SRC events are family friendly nudist events. Our guests are of all ages and include families, couples and singles. Your behaviour is expected to be, at all times, appropriate for a family event. In particular, sexual activity and exhibitionism are not tolerated and will result in your immediate expulsion without a refund. If you observe any such behaviour please report it to the pool staff or to any SRC staff member.

  4. All SRC events are suitable for persons of all ages however, children (18 years of age or under) must be accompanied by their parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

  5. Please bring a towel to use when sitting on any dry public surface outside of the pool itself. Sauna towels for sitting on are available from our front desk.

  6. Respect the privacy and property of other guests just as you would at any other event.

  7. Photography at SRC events is not permitted except during specially arranged times or by special arrangement with SRC.

  8. In addition to the above rules, the usual rules of the facility regarding safety are applicable and must be obeyed.

Violations of any of the rules of behaviour during an event sponsored by the Skinnydipper Recreation Club may result in your expulsion from the event or, in the case of a serious violation, from membership in the club, at the sole discretion of Skinnydipper Services Inc. or its representatives present at the event. An individual whose membership in the club has been revoked may appeal directly to the directors of Skinnydipper Services Inc.